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57 Responses to “Asian Chat Rooms”

  1. Tony12345 says:

    Hi girls com and chat london here

  2. leonard says:

    Hi any beatiful asian girl that wants to chat with me

  3. AHMAD says:


  4. Rupnarayan says:

    hello dear frnd what about u. I thimk everyone is enjoying wirh chat room

  5. medo_hero121 says:

    hi evry one iam happy for know new people i want to be happy and me nice man and i like all things in life

  6. medo_hero121 says:


  7. arrahmae48 says:


  8. parna says:


  9. parna says:

    Hi.f here

  10. parna says:

    Hi.female here

  11. stew says:

    i can’t get into the chat room is there anything wrong

  12. Arshad says:


  13. mygeer says:

    Arshed kase ho ?

  14. JB angelo says:

    Any person ages 26 to 30 willing to talk

  15. Cazzarina says:


  16. Cazzarina says:


  17. joana says:

    i want serious man loving,caring,understandin and willing to help me

  18. hannahyuki says:

    Haii :)

  19. mamun says:

    chat for love

  20. salman says:

    Saya ingin chating lgsg

  21. ck says:

    Talk to me

  22. regine says:

    Hello I just want to find a boy who can be my friend…

  23. regine says:

    Good evening….

  24. jennifer says:

    hello evryone..

  25. jennifer says:

    im looking a single guy age 40 to 45

  26. tarun says:

    hi girl

  27. chris says:

    Hi jennifer…im a single asian guy who just turned 40, 5’10″, fit , clean and friendly. Where are you from?

  28. patricia says:

    Hi how r u baby hey

  29. Neda says:

    Hello every body

  30. chuppy girlz says:

    i want to find a best friend age 20 to 24,slim,good looking and super single text me up 8996473

  31. miyuko says:

    hello im miyuko.

  32. chris says:

    any asian females from california?

  33. John says:

    Hello jennifer

  34. chris says:

    any asian girls with big here?

  35. chris says:

    any asian girls with big ?

  36. chris says:

    any asian girls here with big breasts?

  37. chris says:

    any females with big tits?

  38. chris says:

    i want a busty girl

  39. morteza says:


  40. ali mirzae says:

    Any girls like to have hot chat with hit guy from LA?

  41. rodt777 says:

    Hi, I am rod from USA.

  42. says:


  43. roret says:

    Hi im looking a man honest and understand me

  44. roret says:

    Hii lookng a good man

  45. nhieu says:

    I’d like to see you!

  46. kumar raj says:


  47. marites says:


  48. Dhruv says:

    Just wanna chat

  49. raju says:

    Nice to chat room

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