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60 Responses to “Canada Chat Rooms”

  1. zeemi says:

    i love chat

  2. Daisy Layla Abelgas says:


  3. Chona Jumamil says:

    Hello,i try to use chat room for the first time.Chating new freinds in Canada.

  4. kalanjoor71 says:


  5. kalanjoor71 says:

    anybody here

  6. kalanjoor71 says:


  7. kalanjoor71 says:

    i too love chat

  8. kalanjoor71 says:

    Nobody chat wit me so i leave the room

  9. stew says:

    it say i cannot get into the second english chat site that I am banned?? That is weird as I didn’t do anything

  10. AbhiJava says:

    hiiiiii,,,,h r u?

  11. sinner36 says:

    Any ladies wanna chat?

  12. giLay says:

    Hi every one…:-)

  13. lordmman says:

    Hi, am lordmman and you?

  14. Njidda Garu says:

    I am Garu, nice meeting you

  15. ibrahim garba says:

    hello am new

  16. sherlock20 says:


  17. Maruthi says:

    Hai frends

  18. jelly says:

    i love it and i am willing

  19. hi all. .. Would love to chat :-) says:

    Just looking to meet new people 🙂

  20. regine says:

    Hello friends

  21. regine says:

    Good evening guys…

  22. Jonly says:

    Adults chat

  23. pa ebeima badmasi says:

    happy to goin

  24. pa ebeima badmasi says:

    people like to chat

  25. Arash says:

    hello dear friends
    i am Aarsh from Afghanistan please accept me because i am one fan of this net thanks have good time

  26. Satti says:

    I m available in GTA.

  27. lucky says:

    Hlo everyone. Kida ho sare thk a.
    I want gf

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. rosemae says:


  30. lawie says:

    hi im looking a chat friend and gf in foreigney so good relationship

  31. Muhammad Fazal says:

    I want to talk any Canadian man any one is free to chat me ?

  32. blossom says:

    im hear

  33. Adelfi says:

    Hi my name is adelfi

  34. shivam sharma says:

    Need to talk canadian friends . For lifetime friendship .

  35. mido says:

    Nice to meet you

  36. mehdi says:

    hey every body

  37. مونا says:


  38. ferklas05 says:

    chicas bellas agradables para pasar un buen rato

  39. cabeer says:

    I need a serious lady who need serious relationship with total commitment.

  40. mohammad says:


  41. nazi says:

    Hiiiii…I have problem with this chat….I can’t inter this chat

  42. nazi says:


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