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141 Responses to “Chennai Chat Rooms”

  1. dharshini says:

    I want to chat

  2. Dakshinamoorthy says:

    how are you

  3. ravi says:

    I want chat tamizh girl. Any one chatme

  4. ravi says:

    Hi dharshini hw r u

  5. mahesh.s says:


  6. mahesh.s says:

    l want chat with tamil girl any can join with me

  7. mahesh.s says:


  8. deep says:

    hello dharshini

  9. vengi says:

    Hi Friends. any body interested to chat with me.from chennai aunties ok.

  10. Gajendran says:


  11. rajkumar says:

    hai friens how are u

  12. sathyaraj says:


  13. korak says:

    i like this chat room

  14. sunil says:

    Hi im int only in girls if any one thr contact me in sunilskumar781 at gmail dot com

  15. Madhumitha says:


  16. sundur machaan says:

    vanakkam chennai

  17. sundur machaan says:

    hi madhu

  18. mohan says:

    how r u

  19. rajathins says:

    I like to chat…here..1st time

  20. rajathins says:


  21. srkluv says:

    Hii madhu…..

  22. Rehan says:

    hi Alina

  23. revathisankar says:


  24. Vijay Guru says:


  25. vimal says:

    h priyai i am available….

  26. sathya191988 says:

    hi dharshini tis is sathya wanna chat

  27. sathya191988 says:

    hi mahesh i am sathya born and brought up in chennai (tamil girl from a traditional family)

  28. iqbal says:

    HI All….

  29. royal says:

    Hi dharshni, w r u….. in Chennai or other place.

  30. Mark Mark says:

    hi friend

  31. Sathya says:


  32. Manikanta says:

    Hai dude

  33. anitha says:


  34. Nathinan says:


  35. Nathinan says:

    Hi friends

  36. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai guys

  37. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai guru

  38. kalanjoor71 says:

    I am fine

  39. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai mohan come let us chat

  40. kalanjoor71 says:

    reply yar

  41. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai dilse

  42. kalanjoor71 says:

    mark mark

  43. kalanjoor71 says:

    vanank am madras

  44. Rajes1984 says:

    Hi dears….i am rajesh…from chennai

  45. sivachennai says:

    hi any body here

  46. yuva says:

    hi anitha

  47. raviraj333 says:

    hi anitha

  48. raviraj333 says:

    hi any person contact me

  49. black pandian says:

    hello friends

  50. vijayss says:

    hai all be happy all the way

  51. vijayss says:


  52. Elilkarthi says:

    Hi friend

  53. Elilkarthi says:


  54. Sira Kal says:

    hi meera how r u

  55. praveen91 says:


  56. Nivitha says:


  57. sumapriya99 says:

    hi. how r u

  58. sumapriya99 says:

    hai every one

  59. sridhaya says:

    hai. . .

  60. says:


  61. vinoth86 says:


  62. sweetcandy13 says:


  63. uttaman says:

    any one froem chennai reply me or add me in yahoo uttaman4

  64. venu123 says:

    hai to all

  65. jibbychakko says:

    hiii frnz

  66. jibbychakko says:

    hiiiii frnz

  67. Abdul baasith says:

    Hai nivitha

  68. three says:

    hai to all.

  69. SJ says:

    Hi Friends

  70. Maha says:

    Fine you

  71. Prasanth007 says:

    Did u smile?

  72. Prasanth007 says:

    Wanna friendship wit me…

  73. Parthiban says:

    Hito all

  74. Raviwh says:

    Hai al f u gud mr

  75. Kelvin Thambi says:


  76. viswajithbboy says:


  77. kiran7915 says:

    Any 1 ?

  78. Priyakiran says:


  79. syed881 says:


  80. prakashkumar7227 says:

    hi frnds

  81. Raj sekar says:


  82. sakthi6495 says:


  83. Retna says:

    Hello my dears

  84. jeevaaa says:

    hai frnds

  85. nandhudoll says:


  86. nandhudoll says:

    Hai friends

  87. nandhudoll says:

    Hi friends.

  88. john6325 says:

    Hi dear

  89. john6325 says:


  90. selvasharan says:

    hi friends

  91. delip says:

    hai how to find other people

  92. Prabakar prabi says:


  93. Prabakar prabi says:

    Hello guys

  94. saran anu says:


  95. pkSTAR says:

    i expect that this chat room will good as per my expectations and i come to know that this awesome.

  96. raki says:

    Hai I like tami chat

  97. raki says:

    Hai friends

  98. priyafreeya says:

    hoooo hoooo

  99. sam says:

    Hi.. I am Sam.. Please connect with me via email

  100. siva says:

    Hi friends good for you

  101. Hari says:

    Am good looking person am hear for making good friends

  102. singam says:

    Cool my friend.

  103. Pandian says:

    Hi iam single m29 in chennai I want a girlfriend
    Make good friendship

  104. sonu kumar says:

    Hello friends I am male 50years old

  105. ganesh says:


  106. jesunloue says:


  107. jesunloue says:

    Hallo man

  108. dinesh says:


  109. siv says:

    Hi bab’s

  110. sonu nigam says:


  111. srikar says:


  112. adam richy says:

    Hey everyone!

  113. arjun says:

    hi frds

  114. deepan says:

    Hi friends

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