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32 Responses to “China Chat Rooms”

  1. Kunna says:

    Hi iam waiting u

  2. Kunna says:

    I like guy

  3. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai guys

  4. kalanjoor71 says:

    any guys here chat with me

  5. Shafiq khan says:

    Hi I’m a boy

  6. ibrahim garba says:

    hi here is one for u

  7. AJITHVAVA says:


  8. tastybunny69 says:

    Hi want to chat? I’m at here

  9. tastybunny69 says:

    Sorry for not informed u I am black man

  10. tastybunny69 says:

    Kunna hello how r you?

  11. tastybunny69 says:

    Hello jignesh would u like to chat?

  12. sunny says:

    im sunny and im looking for any chinese girl

  13. sunny says:

    im sunny n im 19 im looking for a virgin chinese girl ……..

  14. thomas kenga says:

    io volio qualcuno autare mi parlare bouno I’italian. trovare mi 0773662426

  15. sarah hayek says:

    hello this is me sarahhayek

  16. allan says:

    Hi I,m a 61 year old Australian and thought of say a Hi . It must be very beautiful over there right now with all the flowers out now

  17. laxmandev says:

    I am Usman akhund

  18. sanket says:


  19. Rajadurai says:


  20. bala21 says:

    hi any girls like to chat

  21. bala21 says:

    hai any girls

  22. bala21 says:


  23. Alexander Gutierrez says:


  24. rocio says:


  25. rocio says:

    Stop Yulin 2015

  26. vivek says:

    hi! any Chinese friend

  27. Pegah says:

    ni hao!
    I want to practise chinese , my skype is pegah.namiranian

  28. joseph_ayitey2016 says:

    hello anyone wanna chat

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