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55 Responses to “Desi Chat Rooms”

  1. abhay says:

    Hay friends

  2. hamza says:

    hi,how r u?

  3. vikram says:


  4. sam7 says:

    Hi anyone is there

  5. Kamy says:

    If wana chat ma id ir
    snd me msg

  6. Poonam says:


  7. Raj says:

    Hi fns

  8. Jitenderkumar says:

    Hi girls

  9. praful says:


  10. dony says:

    Hay all

  11. fandykiki says:

    Hye aLL

  12. devin102 says:

    Hello poonam

  13. Goldygurpreet says:


  14. raman17 says:


  15. tejas says:


  16. Gaurang Rathod says:

    Hi frndzz

  17. anandpandey says:


  18. john6325 says:


  19. gaganmongia says:

    hai i m gagan anygirl want to chat with me.

  20. gaganmongia says:

    hi i m gagan any girl want to hot chat me

  21. sanchit says:

    Hi any girl want to chat wth me

  22. gagan says:

    hi i want chat any girl or bhabhe was thare.

  23. rajkumat says:


  24. Rahul Tripathi says:

    Hello friends any girl want to chat me

  25. 5@bi boy says:


  26. 5@bi boy says:

    Hi any girl bhabi aunty online

  27. jeremy says:

    any lonley woman up for webcam fun… here waiting for you

  28. Rehaan says:

    I find 45 + Indian women

  29. umi says:

    India is very beautiful. My name is umesh

  30. sushant says:

    Very nice chat room

  31. pranita says:

    Hi me female 35 india

  32. sam says:

    Hi male 25

  33. Deepak Sharma says:


  34. Deepak Sharma says:

    कोई है?

  35. Deepak Sharma says:

    Hi m 37

  36. vimal says:


  37. vimal says:

    Hiii pranita chat me k

  38. Kim says:


  39. mania soni says:

    Jiska hoto

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