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106 Responses to “General Chat Rooms”

  1. onore says:

    i want to meet people all over the world

  2. Swami91 says:

    Only swami girl present then reply otherwise i no need….

  3. Prakash says:


  4. srinivasprasad says:

    hi i’m new hr .. :-):-).. hi friends ..

  5. Abish says:

    Yes everone

  6. mishall says:

    Kids and not even teenager should be allowed in chatrooms. We need to protect them from perverts out there.

  7. Reshad Azizi says:


  8. Jackson says:

    Hi frnds

  9. Swt bngrm says:


  10. Lip1108 says:


  11. reza says:

    hi room

  12. Rohit 4u says:

    Any girls der

  13. Lilian13 says:

    Hey pals!

  14. country_cutie says:


  15. country_cutie says:


  16. troublelove says:


  17. LOGESH says:

    Hi, goodu morninnng

  18. deepakbhati says:


  19. letsbefriends662 says:


  20. ibrahim garba says:

    hi am new

  21. ibrahim garba says:

    any one in de room

  22. Goldygurpreet says:

    Hlo to punjbi girl

  23. AJITHVAVA says:


  24. suriya says:

    hi anyone there..

  25. vishal74 says:

    Hi fronds

  26. archana11 says:


  27. archana11 says:


  28. big J says:

    Wat up I’m in vegas anyone close

  29. Abhimanyu says:

    Hi, Frnds hw R u

  30. shaz says:

    Hi every1

  31. Angel ayushi says:


  32. prettychiq10 says:


  33. andrea lee says:


  34. Flirt says:


  35. kirill_brest97 says:

    I’m live in Belarus. I very bad speak english

  36. sanjay79410 says:

    From india

  37. williamshelen1992 says:

    can someone talk to me please

  38. abhilashpv says:

    hi frnds

  39. Asha S says:

    Hai frndz

  40. rajan1203 says:

    hi friends

  41. richelle says:


  42. sone.di.doll says:

    hii bcz

  43. soorej says:

    Hai friends

  44. soorej says:

    Hai friends.i am in sharjah

  45. vvb says:

    ice on deck hmu IcccePrincesswyn

  46. norikov says:

    Help me out, plese? What is ΛΑϊΚΟΣ ΞΕΣΗΚΩΜΟΣin english?

  47. Kita405 says:

    How do we use this site?

  48. shania says:

    hi friends. am in finland

  49. haresh says:

    I m in dubai

  50. sky says:

    I am in belgium want some friend…

  51. ramesh says:


  52. kemar says:

    Hi shania am kemar frontera jamaica

  53. Adelfi says:

    Hi old person

  54. allan says:

    Hi what are you up too

  55. sandip says:

    Any girls here

  56. aftab says:

    9624170801 any girl women frenship

  57. jo says:

    Anybody der? Want a friend

  58. niharika says:

    Anybdy fr sensible chat

  59. niharika says:

    First time on this site how to chat,dont know anybdy pl help

  60. Priya143 says:

    +91 89 68 547102

  61. Priya143 says:

    +91 89 68 547102 any boy frdshp

  62. Priya143 says:

    +91 98 55 261661 hi M priya the naughty girl

  63. heba says:

    hi iam heba 28 years old am searching for a real friend

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