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79 Responses to “Hindi Chat Rooms”

  1. Sachin mule says:


  2. Akram says:

    Gud evng frnds

  3. mukesh says:

    i m romantic

  4. Rashid says:


  5. alif says:

    Assalam Ale Kum

  6. leeno says:

    You look desperate mukesh, LOOOL

  7. suresh says:

    Hi kaisi go

  8. rk says:

    hii leeno

  9. kalanjoor71 says:


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  11. kalanjoor71 says:


  12. kalanjoor71 says:

    hellow chat

  13. kalanjoor71 says:

    anybody there chat

  14. kalanjoor71 says:

    i am here

  15. versatilesalman says:


  16. deepu1964 says:

    hello frds

  17. Riya says:

    Hi frnds

  18. lovesunnyking9 says:


  19. lovesunnyking9 says:


  20. vatsyayan says:

    mere sapno ki rani , mujhe reply karo to tumhe jannat ki sair kara du

  21. Sahil khan says:

    Hi frnds

  22. md sohrab says:

    Hi riya how r u

  23. Chaan Basha says:

    Hi riya

  24. rabi984 says:

    Hi riya do u want to make frndship with me ? I am waiting for ur response.:-)

  25. rahulmehta893 says:

    Hello friends

  26. rahulmehta893 says:

    Hello riya hw r u

  27. Jaya.daa says:


  28. Jitenderkumar says:

    Hi friends

  29. vikass says:

    Hlw frnd i m handsome boy vikass

  30. JITENDRA123KUMAR says:


  31. priyanka pandit says:


  32. priyanka pandit says:


  33. Joysant says:

    Hello frandz

  34. Mannu says:

    hi friends

  35. smrutirekha says:

    Nehi chahiye mujhe lagta hai apko nind main chalne ki adat hai

  36. nikhil7074 says:


  37. nikhil7074 says:

    hi frnds

  38. Ria Roy says:


  39. Ria Roy says:

    Ravi Kaha ho yaar

  40. Amithrmd says:

    Hi friends i’m new to this chat room

  41. Nick km says:


  42. rocky99 says:

    hi riya

  43. rocky99 says:

    hi priyanka

  44. rocky99 says:

    hi friends

  45. rocky99 says:

    how r u

  46. rocky99 says:

    how r u..

  47. ssooraj says:

    hello friends

  48. sparsh says:

    hi everyone

  49. abhishek bartwal says:


  50. nikku says:


  51. JP rao says:


  52. stefushre says:


  53. prince says:

    i love you

  54. prem says:

    Enjoy every time..

  55. vooolgd@gmail.com says:

    Just chat that all let see what can happen in chat

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  57. moris says:


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  61. manojnama33 says:

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  62. sad says:

    Hi to all

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  64. mohsin says:

    Hi all friend

  65. Krishna says:

    KoI he miss

  66. monuchaube@gmail.com 8960414455monu says:

    Kacchi dewar hu thokar na marna

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