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32 Responses to “Japanese Chat Rooms”

  1. alireza says:

    im look for mail you.friends

  2. Houman says:

    Hi Every Body

  3. Ariane Cabasan says:


  4. darya says:

    I want to study in Japan

  5. koichi_asahi says:

    hi friends.. anyone here like or interest in JAPAN? i really loved to.. ^^
    i want to g there, study or work there,, >.<

  6. ibrahim garba says:


  7. ibrahim garba says:

    needs a femela f.

  8. regine says:

    Good evening

  9. dino says:

    i’m here looking for japanese girl friend.

  10. abdulsamad says:

    good morning how r u im abdulsamd sun oof saafqat ale 30age may madr name hasi gawa muslim name mrum im pakistan unaitid stat islmabad cty jhelum unmarad plees help me fadr and mdr deth 3iyars plees help me grand fadr and mdr

  11. monadeem says:

    I want girl frend

  12. monadeem says:

    I want girl frend i love

  13. jesus says:

    Hai guys i want friendship plese any body mesage me are call me pls my number 9787334627 girls or boys i love jesus

  14. mady says:

    Any Japanese gals in Shinjuku keen in a male flight attendant from Singapore?

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