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155 Responses to “Live Chat Rooms”

  1. kateyez says:

    Hello looking for friendship maybe more.. i’m a female from canada cape breton nova scotia ….I love meeting and chatting with all kinds of people ….looking forward to chatting (wink wink)

  2. eunice says:

    hi friend

  3. parag says:

    i am parag i am stay in ahmedabad i will chat only freindship

  4. viral says:

    chat me

  5. logan says:

    hi everyone how r u

  6. Rahul16 says:

    Hi i m join with us

  7. aaryan says:

    Is there any one to talk?

  8. Sonu82228 says:

    Hi frds

  9. darya says:

    whats your nationality?

  10. razzy1in says:

    hi anyone online?

  11. chocelate boy says:


  12. chocelate boy says:

    any female wala sex chat

  13. sandy7876 says:

    Hi frnds

  14. Rajnish says:

    Hi hw r u frndsss

  15. Rocking shail says:

    hi frndz

  16. dspandey1 says:


  17. Lilian13 says:

    Hey am lilian from kenya,i would like to make nd meet friends from u.s.a. Al friends are welcamed to ma profile

  18. native4life says:

    Anyone up

  19. sharath says:

    Anyone from hyd

  20. Redfox007 says:

    Gd morning… To all.

  21. tony0382 says:

    Hey what’s up

  22. raghuvreddy says:

    hi friends

  23. paras007 says:

    hello guys i am paras from surat

  24. Ria Roy says:

    Hi dost

  25. Saboo says:

    Any body here to chat

  26. farooq says:

    hii ma dia ones

  27. prettychiq10 says:

    hello everyone

  28. Ram.... says:

    Hi frnds

  29. mainu says:

    hi dear….

  30. mainu says:

    i want good friend… to making me happy all time

  31. Anand 21 says:


  32. karan kapoor says:

    Hi all

  33. Tikurathore says:

    hi frnds

  34. tine pene says:

    Meet good girls and talk to something. ..

  35. frankie says:

    hot girl date me

  36. says:

    i need a hot babe for play on all

  37. sachin says:

    hi i am sachin my whatsapp number 7503485203

  38. KUMAR says:


  39. bhe says:

    Hi im bim searchi for good lonely

  40. Uday says:

    I am unavailable my watts app

  41. Priyadevi@ says:

    I Love

  42. Sanin says:

    I like to chat with friend

  43. arayan says:

    I love u

  44. scruples md says:


  45. odoch ronald says:

    Can we chat now

  46. rselsw says:

    Am male

  47. jay says:

    im a lady hu looking for a lady friend

  48. sun says:

    hi I am from Iran where are you from?

  49. sun says:

    I am from Iran where are you from?

  50. rockstar says:

    Hiii….. Anyone oine line to waste time with me

  51. Amjad Khan says:

    Hi i am from india

  52. amitrastogi says:


  53. manja_melda says:

    Hai …

  54. srujan says:

    good morning

  55. aditya says:


  56. Anonymous says:

    hi iam sanjay

  57. Kashyap Kumar says:

    Hey you

  58. rahul kumar says:

    hi friend

  59. sandip says:

    Hi gayes

  60. sandip says:

    Bhi. Can u frahip with me.

  61. rakesh says:

    What is live life

  62. ali mohammadi says:

    im ali

  63. ali mohammadi says:

    hi parya

  64. ali mohammadi says:

    hi im ali

  65. taj says:

    Hii raj from Delhi

  66. vijay says:

    Hi freinds

  67. Ajith says:

    Hello friend

  68. santo says:

    Hi I am santo

  69. ravi kumar says:

    I like chat

  70. raja says:

    hi do live chat with me hot girls?

  71. raja says:

    hi priya do like chat with me,i am single sexy boy

  72. pratham says:

    hi friends

  73. Anonymous says:


  74. corneil says:

    i am the hotest

  75. Anonymous says:


  76. ssb1984 says:

    i am 30m live now

  77. koniks says:

    hello there

  78. Yeoman says:

    Good day all I am retired navy man

  79. itsme_sna says:

    Hi all

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