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81 Responses to “Malayalam Chat Rooms”

  1. Muzammil says:

    Hi hwru

  2. siju says:

    Hai .i am siju ..from alapuzha…

  3. nit wampire says:


  4. Madhavchandra says:

    I want chatt this is a chat room provide more frndzz

  5. Hai says:

    Good very good site

  6. GinsonGeorge says:


  7. Jeny says:

    Namaskaram, looking for a friend who can help me learn malayalam for my to be husband

  8. badchick says:

    Omg hi everyone i need a friend guy or gurl i just need someone to talk to bf broke up with me!:(

  9. Gaykochi says:

    Hai.malayalikalaya ampilere valiya ishttama

  10. Abdulnizarsohar says:


  11. Jaan sdk says:


  12. charles cleetus says:


  13. dennis2013 says:


  14. Rahul78 says:

    hai friends

  15. saji john says:


  16. mirash_tvm says:

    Hiii Frndz.. 🙂

  17. mirash_tvm says:

    anyone ?

  18. kalanjoor71 says:


  19. kalanjoor71 says:


  20. kalanjoor71 says:


  21. kalanjoor71 says:

    haloweeee chat

  22. kalanjoor71 says:


  23. kalanjoor71 says:


  24. kalanjoor71 says:

    are u online

  25. kalanjoor71 says:


  26. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai friends i will be back

  27. chandru says:

    Hi all

  28. chandru says:

    Is ne1 here in this room

  29. suhail564 says:


  30. ponnu says:


  31. Shabnas Ckd says:


  32. mj83 says:

    Hi whatsapp?

  33. vinaaydev says:

    Hai friends please include me,I am a bigginnerrrr

  34. Bibicha says:

    hi am bibin from Ernakulam

  35. joseph says:

    Hi I am joseph

  36. sarath.25 says:

    Am new here frnds..any mallus here

  37. thelotuseater says:

    Hi lonely guy here looking for a lonely girl to chat…sexy chat

  38. thelotuseater says:

    Hi lonely guy here looking for a lonely girl to chat…

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