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Free mobile chat portal with a lot of people logging in from all the countries. Experience the easy and user friendly chatting around the world through mobile. Chat, chat, interact and have fun online at the most user friendly mobile chat site., Flirt and Date with boys and girls,Global Chat Network for clean and decent type of chat environment.

Zchat is You get to use andhave to experience the friendly and Enjoyable chatting over here through mobile, date and even flirt with the opposite gender, a Free Global mobile social network widely known for its clean and decent chat environment. It is the best Gobal platform for free mobile messaging. Feel the essence of chatting from your mobiledevice through Zchat, you will be able to meet, People from around the world are a part of this no-spam and no-abuse portal. When you login,  People from all over the world are welcome here to chat and make friends here.

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We have the most user friendly and Colorful chatrooms around, Just single click to register and hang out,  for mobile phones.
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You can read, comment and create threads over here., We have more than Million topics in our forums.

You can create your own personal blog and Read, comment others blogs., We have a unique BLOGS section.

can connect with the people who can share your passions., We have a lot of user groups where you
make the other users to cast vote for your poll Lets you create a poll and .
comment others photos and let others to download and comment your photos., We have cool photo Gallery where you can upload your photos,

Zchat Android application , if you are accessing this site with an Android phone., Enjoy better chatting experience of mobile chat with free 


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