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32 Responses to “Punjab Chat Rooms”

  1. Puneet.sharma says:


  2. preet says:

    hi puneet

  3. preet says:

    hi hw r u asl

  4. sunny says:

    Hi preet

  5. jewel says:

    hi reet

  6. rk says:

    hello asl plzz??

  7. rk says:

    r u there??

  8. aryanboyz says:

    I am here

  9. sukhwinder singh says:

    hiii frdZzzz ….

  10. Rahul kumar says:


  11. sippy says:


  12. Goldygurpreet says:

    Hi preet

  13. Goldygurpreet says:

    Hi anyone here

  14. Goldygurpreet says:

    Reet hw r u?

  15. Nick km says:

    Hiii… Friends

  16. preet chahal says:


  17. pujabiguru says:


  18. ad kawish says:

    Hi dear friend ap sb ksy ho?

  19. ad kawish says:

    Hi saNya

  20. kish says:

    Hello Sonia

  21. Preet Sandhu says:

    God is one

  22. Preet Sandhu says:

    God is one what not happy so please no god 123456789 only god is one I love all so happy to all

  23. vicky says:

    Helo everyone

  24. vicky says:

    some one

  25. soddy says:


  26. Manusimu says:


  27. parul sharma says:


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