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72 Responses to “Random Chat Rooms”

  1. mire says:


  2. HornyMan says:

    hi there! how you doing?

  3. Njidda Garu says:

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a friend that will be a blessing to me

  4. Akaki Nirob says:

    hi all of u

  5. F_Friend says:

    hello friend

  6. Cesca says:

    Hello! :)

  7. farooqsam says:


  8. applepie says:


  9. ravi7382 says:


  10. Madi says:

    Hi my name is Madalin and i am from Europe

  11. shvmgzb says:


  12. shvmgzb says:


  13. david-buttner says:

    hi this is david buttner

  14. Anzel says:

    Hi frnz

  15. prettychiq10 says:


  16. rishiraj says:


  17. lak_gay says:

    any GAYS?

  18. Cynthia Benson says:

    Hi everyone

  19. mike says:

    What’s up I’m Mike m 31potosi mo.

  20. Elena says:


  21. suresh@753 suresh says:

    Hai I want some frnfship.

  22. keval says:

    Hi friends how are you

  23. keval says:

    Hi preety

  24. keval says:

    Hi preety you are free

  25. lexi says:

    Looking for hot sexy men

  26. sady says:

    I’m a guy

  27. irene says:


  28. bigdaddycunkcom says:

    hello room

  29. bigdaddycunkcom says:

    I haven’t been in a chat room in 15 years lol. met too many x’s in chat rooms lol.

  30. bigdaddycunkcom says:

    This seems more cumbersome than back in the day??? working on getting these sites out cupofjoes info and other great stuff.

  31. sdya says:

    Hi people. Can’t sleep. Sup

  32. Rick says:

    Never been in a chat room before

  33. Rick says:


  34. Rick says:

    Anybody there?

  35. sadu says:


  36. kumar says:

    I’m here to chat for fun and have great time with girls

  37. Virgina says:

    Hi Virgina area here

  38. omarus says:

    like to chat with girls

  39. Avik says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi peps x

  41. Gelo says:

    Hello.. Im looking for a canadian chatter that I can be a friend, since I am feeling homesick right now. I am here in DXB, working hard for my kids, because I am a single mom..

  42. Ashishchaubey says:


  43. Cady says:

    I’m Canadian

  44. Travis Grooten says:

    I like weiner

  45. KimKadarshian says:

    ny 1 interested to have me

  46. mohammad says:

    Am funny so clear logical I like make new friends I love to be in love am straight
    and am not so religious and the other hand I have been the most part of this message

  47. sundar says:

    I wanna see a big cum pm me

  48. berry says:

    Hi evryone

  49. I just found out my family immigrated from Grimsby to Canada in the late 1800′s and would like to chat with anyone from the town

  50. niharika says:


  51. asm3379 says:

    Hiii lol

  52. thunderbomb33 says:


  53. zaffer says:

    Who is active & alive???

  54. Arpan Kaer says:


  55. prettysweet says:


  56. Oceaonic says:


  57. Oceaonic says:

    Anyone here to talk to me I’m bored

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