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52 Responses to “Sri Lanka Chat Rooms”

  1. Nathasha says:

    Thanks for the awesome symbols

  2. madushanka says:

    hi girls

  3. Rasanganiee says:


  4. Meli says:


  5. Hasangi says:

    Hai dear

  6. naveen says:

    Hi I am naveen

  7. jayantha Heendenlya says:

    hi how a u

  8. prabath says:

    as i feel this is good

  9. Rusan1 says:

    Hey lovelises

  10. denuvan says:


  11. sri lanka sinhala 50,55 old women for chat

  12. thusith says:


  13. kosala999 says:

    hai chat with me

  14. hasitha889 says:

    hi i like this

  15. sanka says:

    Hi friends…..

  16. Nelson says:

    Any girls here

  17. buwankumar says:

    its very good

  18. asanka says:

    hi chat with me

  19. asanka says:


  20. kamal .k says:


  21. champika says:


  22. chaze says:


  23. Nadhee says:


  24. shan says:

    hi everybodyyyyy

  25. ranjini says:

    halow any online friends for chat with me now

  26. ranjini says:

    hai chaze, hru

  27. ranjini says:

    hai, asanka… r u silent, why u tell me

  28. shane fernando says:

    hi can we chat?

  29. Gimhana says:


  30. Kamal says:

    hi like to be a member of the chat broom

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