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230 Responses to “Telugu Chat Rooms”

  1. gowri prasad says:

    I like chatting

  2. Anil says:

    lets join 2 me 2 chat

  3. siva shankar says:


  4. sampath says:

    Hi girls

  5. cnu says:

    Chat is the best mediater for friendships

  6. Suresh Reddy says:


  7. Challaanji says:


  8. rukkudolly says:


  9. anandbabu says:

    hai fnds any budy is there to chat with me

  10. ajaynani says:

    this is ajay from wgl

  11. Raju Romantic says:

    hai…ela vunaru

  12. kumarkumar225 says:


  13. says:


  14. vcky says:


  15. subbarao says:

    hi how r u

  16. nani says:

    hi frnzzz

  17. srinu7527 says:

    hi this is srinu

  18. raamramesh says:

    hi,andaru bhagunnara

  19. Akhil Foru says:


  20. suresh_male28 says:


  21. rajamohiddin says:

    hai if u wanna chat then message me

  22. rajamohiddin says:

    hai if lady ones getting bored and wanna chat

  23. sree0422 says:

    hai telugu frnds

  24. Yashwant says:


  25. Sweetcuteboy says:

    Hlw Friendz Am New Here plz friends

  26. Raaja says:

    Friends i’am new please make me like ur friend

  27. gowtham says:

    hai frnds

  28. Soujanya says:

    any telugu friends?

  29. manojkumar143 says:

    is there any body to chat

  30. Soujanya says:

    hi , any telugu friends

  31. sharath says:

    any one from hyd

  32. kalyaan says:

    hiii frnds

  33. mahi says:

    hiiiii any one is there???????

  34. Raj sekhar says:

    Hai friends

  35. Raj sekhar says:

    Hai Any telugu friends is there ..

  36. Bass Goa says:


  37. raghuvreddy says:

    hi friends

  38. venky crazy says:

    hi frnds come&chat wd me

  39. chunky25 says:


  40. chary says:

    hai dears

  41. Soujanya says:

    hi , any telugu friends to chat?

  42. Tharun Reddy says:


  43. Vamsi Kiran says:

    hi soujanya

  44. Soujanya says:

    hi , any telugu friends to chat ?

  45. Soujanya says:

    hi , any telugu friends of age 29 yrs , unmarried to chat ?

  46. kaye says:

    hi guys……

  47. Ashok Patha says:

    Hai everyone good morning to u all me from Vijayawada is anybody there.

  48. Shruthiarya says:

    Hi 🙂 Am Arya:) Anyone girl wanna have friendly chat:)

  49. Madhu555 says:


  50. Soujanya says:

    hi , any telugu friends?

  51. Soujanya says:

    hi , any telugu friends for chat?

  52. Soujanya says:

    r there no friends in telugu chat room >?

  53. Soujanya says:

    hi friends , kindly say how to login to telugu chat romms?

  54. chandu98 says:

    Hi soujanya

  55. chandu98 says:

    Hi frndd

  56. Rockey says:


  57. Rockey says:

    Gum mrng frnds….

  58. Striker says:

    Hai frnds

  59. Striker says:

    Am here soujanya..and hai

  60. Ramya says:

    Hi frnds

  61. sravan kumar says:

    hi frnds

  62. Pranav reddy says:

    8885741215 call for hot phone talk m 26 HYD, ummaaahh pOOkuss, only females call me…

  63. cherry says:

    Hi frnds

  64. regine says:

    Good evening

  65. ramu says:

    Hi friend’s

  66. sanjuy says:


  67. asif says:

    iam looking for chat

  68. shridhar786 says:

    I am looking for chat with Hyderabad aunties

  69. Karthik says:

    Hai this sanjay frm kurnool any interested gay about 17-24 can chat with me by phone messages my phone number is

  70. har aryal says:

    anybody s der to chat

  71. jaggiliok says:

    Hi good friendships

  72. Mahesh says:

    Hi any one chat room .com

  73. srinivasa rao says:

    I w telugu grilfrand my age 43 im from byderabad

  74. sandy says:

    Hai just looking 4 gud frnd

  75. dulipala neelima says:

    hai frnds you wn chat with me

  76. prahalladh says:


  77. lima says:

    hi neelima

  78. ajay says:

    Hi frnds

  79. ajay says:

    hii frnds

  80. swathi says:

    Hi ummma

  81. sanjay says:


  82. Bandì says:


  83. bhaskar says:


  84. Chandrashekar Marripalli says:


  85. Chandrashekar Marripalli says:

    Hair f

  86. raagini says:


  87. teluguboy says:

    hi any telugu aunties

  88. raj says:

    Hiii frnds

  89. raj says:


  90. Nani Sri says:


  91. quicker says:


  92. sadyarani says:


  93. raj says:


  94. raj says:

    i know telugu

  95. kumar says:

    Hi frinds

  96. rajkumar says:


  97. Abhi says:

    hi aunty girls call me 9989031861 me puku naka na

  98. saravanan says:

    Hi my name saravanan 27year old
    From tamilnadu I search in good friendship
    Pls contact girls


  99. rk says:

    Hi any body there

  100. Kishore goud says:

    Evarena natho chat cheyochu

  101. sudhakar says:

    Good. Friendship I need

  102. sudhakar says:

    Hi friends I don’t know how to chat,,, ,,

  103. prasanthi says:

    Hiiiii my name is prasanthi . Im 19 years old .i jst had fun wid my neighbour
    i want 2 know about sex badly . Im interested in sex chating my num is 9000164622 . Who r interested can call me any time . U can call me on 9966238867 also . Plz call me

  104. raj says:

    Hiii frnds gud evng

  105. kotilingam says:

    Hi aunties

  106. kotilingam says:

    Hi ramya

  107. Arjum says:

    who is online

  108. Arjun says:

    hello any telugu friends

  109. we r couples says:

    hi we r couples 37m 34 f we need white colour guys handsome good looking for for my wife secound honymoon she is white and fair below 25 y guys only meassg me sursur50atyahoo dot com not a jock we r serioes

  110. hehal says:


  111. TEJA says:

    Hi friends

  112. jungle king says:

    any telugu female in Chennai ?

  113. jungle king says:

    Hi, r u telugu female in Chennai ?

  114. jungle king says:

    r u telugu female in Chennai ?

  115. Laxman says:

    Hi Aunty’s kutta dengalani unnadi eavarina unnara

  116. Laxman says:

    Hi auntys

  117. Anonymous says:

    Hi me venki i want to make a relation ship pl who were intrested my whatsup no 7052236839 only aunties

  118. nimboji says:

    Randi auntie’s puku nakutha

  119. bhanu prakash says:


  120. Rayudu says:

    Lowest Brokarages for Demat Account Please contact to me Rayudu Mobile :+91 9168891239

  121. spandana says:


  122. spandana says:

    Hi rk

  123. says:

    Any girls r boys chat with me my id is my email

  124. says:

    Chat with me

  125. joseph_ayitey2016 says:

    hello am new here and would like to make new friends

  126. rickyangusyoung says:


  127. rickyangusyoung says:


    Hi wassup!?

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