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57 Responses to “UK Chat Rooms”

  1. Michael says:

    Good guy

  2. Michael says:

    Like to chat with a lady.

  3. cabjo says:

    hi friends

  4. Universalhero says:


    I am unable to login to any of the chat rooms.. Please help.


  5. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai my friend

  6. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai hero

  7. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai my good friend

  8. kalanjoor71 says:

    chat with me u can

  9. kalanjoor71 says:

    anybody can chat

  10. kalanjoor71 says:

    I am a lady

  11. kalanjoor71 says:

    hai michel chat with me

  12. kalanjoor71 says:

    Michael chat with me i am a lady

  13. bubblebop3103 says:

    Hello any one got an iPhone or iPod touch

  14. Kelly Silva says:

    Looking for a nice good genuine guy to talk to.

  15. ibrahim garba says:


  16. henry.harry5 says:

    am henry we can be friends if you want

  17. jackson gitonga says:

    hae there guyz

  18. jackson gitonga says:

    I am unable to login to any of the chat
    rooms.. Please help.

  19. mahour says:

    Hi how r u????? ;) )))))

  20. kiran7915 says:

    Hai eny 1 chat wid me ?

  21. jcwill says:


  22. roop says:

    Hi kiran

  23. roop says:

    How Are you?

  24. rushi9029 says:


  25. rushi9029 says:

    all key are working…..

  26. williamshelen1992 says:

    micheal how are u?

  27. zuberali says:


  28. zuberali says:

    any one on here

  29. Marleo Maguate says:

    Hello every

  30. Marleo Maguate says:

    Just chat me

  31. Ibrohim says:

    Hi girls!

  32. Elena says:


  33. Caribbeangirl says:


  34. salmanshah says:

    Be good and make great friends

  35. regine says:

    Hello good evening…

  36. regine says:

    Ho’s on the line pls..?

  37. regine says:

    Good evening

  38. Atif says:

    Hi Roop

  39. jony says:

    hello frndz

  40. sunial says:

    Hey guys I’m Teslain from SA and looking forward to become friends with u

  41. alya003 says:


  42. Bilal Khan says:

    Hi my Facebook account (bilalkhantopi) please add me girls

  43. ILLA19 says:

    Hi, I would like know people, and improve my english, someone interested to talk withme

  44. jonsi says:


  45. john says:


  46. jade05 says:


  47. indhay says:

    Hi evrybody im from philippine

  48. norman says:

    Hello girls

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