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  3. Luis says:

    Am a sweet person and I like to have fune

  4. MAURO SÁNCHEZ says:

    I want to found good friend

  5. kobusigye says:

    hi i would like to have afriend

  6. logan says:

    hey everone how r u guys

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  8. vinny.vinny says:


  9. BBN141035 says:

    Hey what’s up

  10. BBN141035 says:


  11. Prakash says:


  12. jack1619 says:

    Hi gina do u want to be my friend,??

  13. Chona Jumamil says:

    .Hi,someone outhere looking for chating?here i am.

  14. wj1177 says:

    Wow is there anyone in here?

  15. afra says:

    hi chona

  16. Ryan says:

    Hey anyone want to talk

  17. Keith rulz says:

    Do anyone. wanna chat

  18. Keith rulz says:


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  20. modelchic says:


  21. Lilian13 says:

    Hey i hope u r fine.

  22. native4life says:

    Hey anyone up

  23. Blessed one says:

    Hi Mauro am looking 4 a friend too hope we can be gd friends.

  24. Twinz-star says:

    hey am twinz-star can we be friends?

  25. Njidda Garu says:

    I am Garu from Nigeria, can we be best friends?

  26. Blessed one says:

    Oh yes we can

  27. killntyme says:

    hey ! How are you today?

  28. killntyme says:

    hey there !

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  30. moshi.mondal says:

    hi can we be friend ??

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  32. drowningpain2489 says:

    Hey all

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  38. Elena says:

    Hello eveybody

  39. regine says:

    Good evening…

  40. jacki says:

    How are you?
    Do you want boy friend

  41. jacki says:

    Hi.lm new chat room remember.

  42. dawda says:

    hello, you gays how are you and the rest of the family
    i will like to chat with you people about the christmas

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    Hi there chubby lady here i need serious relationship

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    Hi EveryOne,
    Wanna what me someone

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    i am boy

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    Hello Ladies how’s it going.

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    Fraind ship chat

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    hi i want to find a college girl

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    Hello :)

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    What’s up ladies?

  52. eddie says:

    What’s up ladies?

  53. hammed says:

    Hi guy how are u???

  54. jon says:

    hello every body

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  57. Dida says:

    Hoping to find new friends ..

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    Hi every one

  61. joseph_ayitey2016 says:

    hello folks am new here and wanna meet new friends

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