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189 Responses to “Yahoo Chat Rooms”

  1. no need says:

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  2. Smart says:

    to u know about the people

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  11. chuck says:

    I’m 23 looking for someone good

  12. munna says:

    hi frends

  13. munna says:

    good ofter noon frends

  14. inamullah says:

    I want jobs in Malaysia

  15. Ali Hassan says:

    no thing to say

  16. mounika says:


  17. leonora says:

    I really like your web site!

  18. judy edwards says:

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  19. bicowgurl83 says:

    Bi married female looking for bi single female to chat or text message me ladys

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  22. syfher says:

    hi chat??

  23. Sunil says:

    Hello friends

  24. alireza says: name is alireza. I am iran .I love have one friends at internet . I EXPECT you in my email.***
    talk my****

  25. says:

    Hi whats up ladys

  26. yayakhan says:

    life is short so live a good life.

  27. Tseten says:

    Hi wish u .healthy mind and healthy body.

  28. ravi kumar says:

    hi all

  29. ok thank you very much, and i like as you likes.

  30. areeba naaz says:


  31. areeba naaz says:

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  32. pramod says:

    I want any girl to chat friendly

  33. Raden Mas Sube i says:

    loking for new friend

  34. roha says:

    hii guyz…..roha is here….is there anyone who can be my frnd on yahoo…my id is……

  35. sali says:

    Hi any one to talk with me

  36. sali says:

    Hi someone to talk with me.

  37. maricor says:

    Hello looking for serious relationship!

  38. yama says:

    hi to anybody

  39. yama says:

    i want to chat to anybody in the world

  40. sara says:

    Hi guys! do reply.

  41. mara says:

    Hi friendly chat

  42. corrine says:

    Lookin for a female and my husband

  43. ZINO says:

    Wishing you all great year

  44. mido says:

    hi every body any one here

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  46. aloo says:

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  47. aloo says:

    looking for the best girl

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  49. bohassan says:

    hi haw are y im man i look for good friend to chat and meat

  50. Anurag Mittal says:

    looking for good friends

  51. shinka says:

    join chat

  52. zombiee says:


  53. Francis says:

    Meet friends

  54. Sweetlady96 says:


  55. noha says:

    I kook for friend

  56. tony says:

    just looking for sum fun maybe a girl to chat with

  57. soni1 says:

    Looking forlove

  58. lilly says:

    Hiii hello looking agood person to be friend

  59. Zara says:

    Looking for a fun chat

  60. razia says:

    Hi im razia

  61. Tony says:

    Hello Ladies

  62. Tony says:

    Hello Ladies and how are you woman doing this night

  63. fani says:

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  64. fani says:

    only chat no friendship

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  66. mohana says:

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  68. pussylicker says:

    What girl in here wants there licked

  69. Terry Schearer says:


  70. Shaidi says:

    Hi all!

  71. syed aijaz says:

    Hi i am syed aijaz from pak girl who want to true relation then contect me i have also whatsapp number +923360800399

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  74. tsewang says:


  75. tsewang says:

    Hello nice to met u,,…,………………. …………….. .. .. ………mmmm.. . ..

  76. shana_rizz2000 says:

    I want to find my mr right

  77. D_slanger says:

    tryin talk a little tryin to have a open conversation

  78. says:


  79. bill says:

    any one in cedar rapids iowa area want to chat with bi guy

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  81. Countryboy says:

    Drone Columbia looking to chat with like minded girl

  82. hossein says:

    hi how r you

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  84. lexus. r2003 says:

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  89. gracy says:

    Horny girl waiting for …..

  90. gracy says:

    Any real is here

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  92. raj says:

    Any naughty gals for naughty chat… n who like stories like savita bhabhi…. msg to me on

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  95. Vikash Lala says:


  96. manja_melda says:

    I m singgel

  97. Christopher Kinion says:

    Hey there gracy and if your still horny, look me up in yahoo messenger as the_guyver_30_2006.

  98. deepak says:

    Hii every body

  99. deepak says:

    Hii grace I’m horn too

  100. cg300 says:


  101. kellk says:


  102. says:


  103. joshi says:


  104. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Looking for a single guy out there.

  105. friendstimes says:

    hi friends

  106. sopna says:

    This is the first time to joint a chat to meet and get to know beautiful people with their feet on earth I hope I get to like it.

  107. tim boyd says:

    Love womens feet

  108. kugan says:


  109. Bear says:


  110. manda says:


  111. john says:

    Hi people

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  114. ammisha says:


  115. ammisha says:

    Hi guys

  116. sandra says:

    Hello trying to make new friends

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  118. sudip says:


  119. jennifer says:

    How is it going ppls

  120. nicole says:

    Hello am new here

  121. touch2615 says:

    It would be great if we could be friend

  122. Tanushree says:

    Hi friend

  123. madhu says:


  124. Sandeep JUNNU says:

    Hai i want new friends ffor long time okkk any one pplz mail me..

  125. goutham says:


  126. srinu says:

    Hai my name Is Srinu from Vijayawada.. Na age 25 Person.. Evaru aeina un satisfied aunties Gani house wife’sGani Windows Gani Vunnara naku puku ni baga naki dengalani udi. 20-50 yrs any women Ina ok . ina black ga una ok. meku Alaga kavalani anti Alaga Chesthanu interest Unte Ni Add Req Pampadi Time pass kosam vachi vallu req pampakadi Place………….

    ఇక్కడ ఎవరైన నిజమైన హాట్ అమ్మాయి & ఆంటీ కోరికలతో కసి గ ఉండి ఎలాంటి ఇబ్బంది ,సమస్యలు లేకుండా రహస్యంగా కోరికలు తీర్చుకోడానికి ఆసక్తి ఉంటె మెసేజ్ చేయండి

  127. usman Ali says:


  128. hassanmpur says:

    only for chat

  129. balika says:

    chatting any person

  130. hassanmpur says:


  131. mina says:


  132. mina says:


  133. prashant says:

    Hi amisha message me

  134. xbexxo says:


  135. Rhonda says:


  136. amit8500 says:

    Hi friends …..anyone from Ahmedabad??????????????????????????????

  137. zayed says:

    hi every body

  138. Baljit says:


  139. says:


  140. احمد محمد محمد الزهيرى says:


  141. rudra says:

    in a day, when u dont come acroos any problem. u can be sure tat u r traveling on a wrong path.

  142. A b says:

    all my karma people wassup

  143. Anonymous says:

    Any female

  144. sunny says:

    hellofrnd h r u

  145. vidyadhara says:


  146. cristiana says:

    hi to everyone out there

  147. Reedhi says:

    Hello guys

  148. Sheridan says:

    I enjoy getting to meet new people and learning new and different things and people

  149. fiitumper77 says:

    hey fella

  150. anand7222 says:


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